Timeline of brain preservation

You can see the changes to the timeline of brain preservation since its creation last year here.

New patients

Total known: 31 new patients
Alcor: 11
Cryonics Institute: 9 (based on November 2019’s data)
KrioRus: 5
Yinfeng Group: 4
OregonCryo: 1
Osiris: 1
Neural Archive Foundation: undisclosed (but at least 1)
TransTime, Cecryon: no reply Private: 0 (?)

2019 was the 2nd year with the most new patients in absolute terms. This represents a 7.9% increase. The average yearly change in the last 20 years was +8.4%.

New members sign up for cryonics

Alcor: 51
Yinfeng Group: 29
Cryonics Institute: undiscolsed (23 with Suspended Animation between Dec. 2018 and Nov. 2019)
Southern Cryonics: 8
Neural Archive Foundation: undisclosed
KrioRus, OregonCryo, Osiris, Cecryon: no reply
TransTime: N/A

2019 was the 4th year with the most new members in absolute terms. This represents a 3.6% increase. The average yearly change in the last 20 years was +4.7%.

Notable events

On April 2019, The Brain Preservation Foundation launched the Aspirational Neuroscience Prize with the commitment to give 4 prizes of 25,000 USD every year for the next 10 years for breakthroughs in the neuroscience of memory, brain preservation, and connectomics.

Wikipedia views spikes

Here’s the pageview graph. On 2019-10-10/11, the Wikipedia article received 25,252* more views than usual; 11 times more. From a Google Search, this seems to be caused by the Chicago Med episode S05E03 “In the Valley of the Shadows” on cryonics released on 2019-10-09; see recap. This TV show is watched by ~10M people (source: Chicago Med – Wikipedia), so maybe about 1 person went to the Wikipedia page for every 400 people that watched the show.

I’m not sure what the peak of 2019-08-10/11 of 4,542/3,304 views was about.

The one on 2019-11-28 of 3,087 views might have been from the article Frozen Dead Guy Days Is the Weirdest Winter Festival in the U.S..

* ( 21191 views on 2019-10-10 + 6559  views on 2019-10-101 ) - ( 2 * 1249 average views per day ) 

Did I miss anything?

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