Our aspirations are to help with the following 5 areas.


  • Community blog
  • Online communities
  • Support local groups
  • Match cryonicists for 1-on-1 discussions
  • Section for cryonicsts to share their profile
  • Cryonics survey
  • Help signing up


  • Fiction
  • Inspirational text
  • Holidays


  • Wiki
  • Predictions
  • Stats
  • Cryonics newsletter


  • Develop the moral philosophy of life utilitarianism

Support heroes:

  • Review brain preservation charities for philanthropists
  • Support people interested in doing a career in cryonics


Mati came up with the name because ze thinks it’s valuable to emphasize that death is a spectrum, and that completely preventing identity death is probably impossible to achieve before we experience some of it, and so the realistic goal should be to be less dead. Mati is also part of the LessWrong community, so was probably inspired by it in choosing the name. LessDead is however not associated with LessWrong.