Mati, a team member at LessDead, is developing a program to help people sign up for cryonics. The program is currently in beta mode.

We’re currently accepting a few people to test this approach. Once we start the process, we ask people to commit to go through with it until the end (which doesn’t necessarily mean signing up for cryonics if you decide cryonics is not right for you).

Each week we will have a short video-call to discuss progress on the cryonics sign up process, and determine homeworks for the week. Depending on how unsure you are about various options, this could be rather quick or take some time.

There are various modules to complete each week:
1. Introductions; discussing this program
2. Discuss whether signing up for cryonics right now is right for you (if not, we establish if/when cryonics would become right for you)
3. Figure out which option is right for you
4. Become a member of a cryonics service provider
5. Discuss payment option / get life insurance
6. Sign up for cryonics
7. Discuss additional steps to increase the chances of a good preservation

If you’re interested in participating, please fill out this short sign up form.